Approached by the Sundance Institute, Lowrie was commissioned to create the identity for the Sundance Film Festival 2020 and produce a set of brand guidelines.

We were inspired by the pupil and the various shapes it takes whilst watching a film. A set of 8 symbols were created to celebrate the diversity that can be achieved within a single form, alluding to the themes and experiences connected with Sundance Film Festival.

The wordmark and symbols were integrated to abide with the standard US movie poster size. The result is instantly recognisable, whilst interchangeable colours and symbol allowed for multiple variations.

  • YEAR 2020
  • SCOPE Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines

Sundance Film Festival 2020 took place from 28 January to 2 February in Park City, Salt Lake City and at the Sundance Resort. It is the largest independent film festival in the United States with 122,000 attendees stated in 2020.

Lowrie worked with the team of designers at Sundance Insitute to apply the branding across the three locations.

  • YEAR 2020
  • SCOPE Print, Wayfinding, Cinema, Digital, Merchandise
  • IMAGES Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Continuing our relationship with Sundance Institute, we were commissioned to develop a series of three trailers to feature at the start of every film at the Sundance Film Festival 2020.

In collaboration with animator Connor Campbell and the band Beach House we developed the festival identity further into the realms of motion and sound – with a bespoke score composed for each trailer paired alongside the kinetic expansion of the Festival's graphic language.

Utilising the opportunity to experiment with the existing guidelines, testing the boundaries of the typography, colours and symbols, we pushed the identity into new and exciting territory; in doing so creating something befitting of the most coveted screentime in cinema.

  • YEAR 2020
  • SCOPE 3x cinema trailers in multiple formats
  • WITH Connor Campbell, Beach House

Identity and brand relaunch for a UK based print and production company. More soon :)

Unused visual identity for a US fashion brand.

Derived from the strapline "We all have two futures," the identity is created by overlapping and fusing directionally-opposing lettering and mirroring secondary text. A clear reference to the brand's name, it also packs a visual punch while remaining functionally minimalist. The riso-printed brutal architecture, which serves as a backdrop, is reflective of the retail spaces to come.

Visual identity for CLO: a full-service creative agency and philosophy club with an Instagram following of 1 million. More soon :)

Lowrie developed the naming and identity for the annual homebrew competition, Slosh Berlin, run by The Mash Pit. The competition is open to all levels of brewers, meaning the graphic language needed to be democratic. Based on The Mash Pit identity, it was further developed into more fluid shapes. (

  • YEAR 2018–Present
  • SCOPE Naming, Identity, Signage, Environmental, Print, Website

The Mash Pit is a Berlin-based brewery & taproom, in Kreuzberg, offering brew course memberships. Their aim is to make brewing craft beer more approachable by building a space that encourages people to learn through making: exploring the process and appreciating missteps and successes.

Lowrie used playful typography and colour to develop their name and identity, mirroring their approach: fun and unpretentious.

  • YEAR 2017—Present
  • SCOPE Naming, Identity, Packaging, Stationery, Signage, Environmental, Merchandise, Print, Website

Identity and initial printed items for Lookbooks, an online bookstore selling 'old and kinda fun books'. Check them out on Instagram @_look_books_ (full site coming soon)

  • YEAR 2019
  • SCOPE Logo, Illustration, Print, Website

Cousins Kathy and Dave had never met but in the late 1960s, when Dave was conscripted to join the US Army and was sent to Vietnam, they became pen pals at the insistence of Kathy's mother. This book, produced in limited edition as a family gift, presents Dave's letters – photographed, and with a prologue and epilogue by the man himself – chronicling the horrors and banalities of war, and the blossoming of a life-long friendship. Presented alongside collected photographs of the correspondents from the time.

Designed to be passed down generation to generation, it is minimalistic, timeless and offers readers a sense of space and calm in order to reflect on its at-times intense and emotional content.

  • YEAR 2019
  • DIMS 200×265mm
  • PAGES 172
  • PAPER Wicotex Natuur 1120, Colorplan Forest 135gsm, Parch Marque Brite White 90gsm, Olin Rough High White Fsc4 120gsm
  • PRINTER Pureprint
  • EDITION 15

WG+P is a London-based architecture studio, established in 2005. 'Opportunity, Process, Wellness' showcases key projects, research and inventive design solutions developed in their first 15 years.

We worked with WG+P to challenge the aesthetic of a traditional monograph through its size, layout and colours. It's lighter and easier to hold, making it more comfortable to read; it celebrates process and ideas through pairing images of completed projects with sketches and works in progress. It's bright and energised, using a special fluoro green ink for the multiple cover designs, image treatments and layouts within.

  • YEAR 2019
  • DIMS 190×240mm
  • PAGES 132
  • PAPER Materica Gesso, Woodstock Grigio & Arcoprint Milk
  • PRINTER Pureprint

The first publication by ING Media, which features words by Brian Eno, Paolo Antonelli, Michael Hestletine, and many more, focusing on the complexity of ‘the built environment’.

The book is split into two themes, Side A: Inspiration and Side B: Provocation. Each is given a front cover, flipping orientation in the middle, it intentionally obscures ‘start’ and ‘finish’ asking the reader instead to flick through and follow their interests. Somewhere between a magazine and a book, each article is uniquely designed too, fragmenting the book in a collection of individual units, bound by commonalities in typeface. The result reflects the diverse perspectives of the writers.

  • Year 2019
  • Dims 190×270mm
  • Pages 120
  • Paper Munken Pure & Arcoprint Milk
  • Printer Park Communications
  • Scope Print, Concept, Art Direction

Lowrie produced the identity and stationery for independent fashion brand consultant Nix Tulloch. A bespoke typeface was created for the wordmark, taking inspiration from the notches found in pattern cutting when creating garments. This was further developed to a set of stationery that instead plays on the subtle details and textures found in high-end fabrics.

  • YEAR 2018
  • SCOPE Logo, Bespoke typeface, Stationery

Lowrie is responsible for upscale fitness studio Core Collective’s signage and print collateral, and is a key advisor for its ongoing creative development, working closely with its leadership team and appointed architects. Multiple locations across London.

  • YEAR 2016–Present
  • SCOPE Signage, Environmental, Print

Lowrie produced the identity and stationery for independent diamond consultant VOW. A bespoke typeface was created for the wordmark. The letterforms take inspiration from the cuts of diamonds.

  • SCOPE Logo, Bespoke typeface, Stationery